Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Ways to Minimize Excess Baggage Fees?

With today's affordable baggage transportation services, you can transport your luggage from airport to airport without spending too much. Service providers comply to customs clearance and airport regulations to prevent delays on the transporting process and ensure a smooth operation.

What is Excess Baggage?

Excess baggage is luggage that exceeds the limits for weight, size, or number of pieces allowed by a particular carrier. Excess baggage requires payment of additional freight and may require a separate transport as cargo and not as accompanied baggage. This can cause you delays and troubles, especially when you are in a hurry. Other than bringing only a minimal amount or number of baggage, hiring a baggage transport company is a smart way to eliminate problems brought about by excess luggage.

Choosing a Reliable Service Company

Finding a reliable provider is important especially when entrusting your personal belongings and other important items. Most of the baggage transport companies have a team of highly trained professionals experienced in airport baggage handling. Choose the one that offers the best quality of service and rates.

Some companies offer complete service packages for your total convenience. These include after hours and weekend collection, paperwork, baggage weighing, and payment processing. Depending on your destination, items usually arrive within 8-10 days. Any extensions depend on the security-holding period of the departure airport.

Ways to Minimize Excess Baggage Fees

Anyone who has travelled knows that airlines charge for extra baggage. These fees can affect your travel budget. Here are some ways to help minimize the baggage fees as much as possible when travelling.

Do Your Homework

Always check your airlines' baggage allowance policy in advance. Some airlines will allow you to bring two bags, while others will only let you bring one. Think of hiring a luggage transportation company if you plan to bring baggage more than the number allowed by the airline.

Maximize Space in Your Luggage

Pack your clothes carefully and wisely. Choose pieces that can be mixed and matched, creating more outfits out of less pieces of clothing, and extending your wardrobe without creating excess luggage. Jeans and other bottoms that match many tops are a good choice. You can dress them up or down, depending on your top and shoe choices.

Ship Your Luggage Ahead of Time

Shipping your excess luggage ahead of time can keep you away from cramming, risks of damages or delays. Let a luggage transportation company ship your excess luggage directly to your destination. Most of them offer discounted rates during holidays.

Excess luggage can be costly and burdensome, but with these simple tips, you can avoid untoward situations and ensure a happy, convenient, and comfortable trip.

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